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As a Swiss leather designer, we pride ourselves on our rigorous and meticulous creative process. We work closely with watch brands to create exceptional quality leather goods that reflect their style and brand image.

We start every project by listening carefully to our clients' needs and wants to understand their unique vision and personality. Then we use our design and leathercraft expertise to create sketches and prototypes that capture the essence of their brand. Once we have finalized the design, we move into the production phase using traditional leathercraft techniques and premium materials to create each piece by hand.


Every step of our creation process is carried out with care and attention to ensure that every piece of leather goods we create lives up to our high standards of quality and durability.



Leather is one of the most noble and durable materials, and we make it a point of honor to use only the best skins available on the market.


We work with renowned tanneries to select top quality hides that undergo rigorous testing to ensure their durability and strength. We also take into account the provenance of each hide and we work with tanneries that follow ethical and environmentally friendly practices.


We believe that our selection of high quality leather is a key part of our reputation as a leading Swiss leather goods company, and we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers exceptional quality products that will last for years.


We strongly believe in the tradition of handmade leather goods and its importance in ensuring the quality and durability of our products. Each piece is crafted with care and attention, using traditional leathercraft techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. We also work with top quality materials, such as premium leather and precious metals, to ensure the durability and lifespan of each product.

Our leather goods factory in Morocco is also proud of its commitment to ethics and the environment. We work with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and have implemented sustainable production practices to minimize our impact on the environment.


We are also proud to support local artisans and contribute to the region's economy by providing quality jobs and providing training and professional development opportunities.

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